6 Ways To Be Healthier

      6 Ways To Be Healthier

      6 Ways To Be Healthier 626 417 kupplinadmin

      Being healthier is a journey that many people embark upon without an exact idea of what they want to get out of it. Having a clear objective is the first step in the right direction and can help focus in on the path to success. Here are some changes that could make a difference in one’s daily life:

      • Try using smaller plates and bowls – If you feel that your issue is overeating, try using smaller crockery for meals. In a study, scientists discovered that people who eat from larger serving bowls at almost 56% more food than those with smaller bowls. The illusion of smaller crockery could satiate your hunger with less food.
      • Green tea is your friend – One of the healthiest beverages you could drink, it contains a low amount of calories but is brimming with antioxidants and nutrients. These antioxidants fight molecules in the body that are shown to elevate disease risk and aging. It can also contain compounds that help to burn fat and boost metabolism.
      • Make a grocery list before shopping – This one seems like common sense, but a lot of people impulsively head to the grocery store and end up picking up an array of things that they might not have intended to purchase. Planning out your list also lets you prepare for healthier foods and make better decisions.
        Take walks in your free time – Investing some time into yourself to unwind but also incorporate some exercise can be hugely beneficial as it is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. There is quite a bit of evidence that links lack of exercise with poor physical and mental health.
      • Try the stairs – We as humans often want the easiest way to get around whether that be electric scooters, trains, or even elevators. It isn’t plausible to consistently walk up an erroneous amount of stairs, but when there are some stairs you think you can manage, it’s best to put in a little effort which over time can create a large difference in your life.
      • Keep healthy snacks at the ready – It isn’t hard to get sucked into the allure of the candy and chip isle. Bags on top of bags with every flavor and variety of chip at a low price seem like an easy choice. But like all good things, it comes at a cost which in this case would be your health. Better snacks could be fruits, nuts, or maybe even some dark chocolate. It might not be the easiest transition, but eventually popping a grape in your mouth might seem more appealing than a piece of candy.

      Of course, these aren’t the only options for leading a healthier lifestyle. There are routes that work for certain people and some that don’t. The trick is to mess around with all the options and see what you’re most comfortable with and that will bring the desired results. It’s important to remember that you should want to incorporate these changes for yourself and your health, not based on anyone else’s opinion or societal standards.

      -Azaan Moledina

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