Biden’s New Executive Orders

      Biden’s New Executive Orders

      Biden’s New Executive Orders 992 558 kupplinadmin

      President Joe Biden signed an array of health care directives that would mitigate “the damage” that was felt by Donald Trump during his presidency. Such damages would be the anti-abortion sentiments that were previously pushed by our former President. Biden stated that he is restoring the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid to how it was before the alterations that Trump created. It was previously more inaccessible and costly for people to qualify for the service.

      Biden doesn’t want to create new laws (in this case) and simply wants to restore what once was. His executive order allows for the federal health insurance marketplace to be available for special enrollment for a month after February 15th that will allow many Americans to receive health insurance coverage. The directive orders Federal agencies to check their policies and regulations and guarantee better access to American healthcare by making it more affordable for the masses.

      President Biden additionally issued a presidential memorandum that undoes the Mexico City Policy (also known as the global gag rule) which prohibits the use of American dollars to be used in international non-government organizations that deal with abortion in many facets such as providing them, advocating for its’ legalization and expansion, and to provide counseling through the process. This rule has been in play since President Regan introduced it in 1984 and has been repeatedly repealed and reinstated.

      Biden’s memorandum also helps dismantle similar policies in the United States itself (in the Department of Health and Human Services specifically) that prevents funds from Title X to go to health care centers that help with abortion processes.

      The directives show that change is imminent and is happening sooner than we expect. President Biden has vowed to expand our healthcare and provide greater access to the masses. As a nation, we are already seeing the actions being taken. All that is left is for the change to impact our nation positively.

      -Azaan Moledina

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