Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Think You Don't Want to Get Vaccinated?

      Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Think You Don’t Want to Get Vaccinated?

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      While the government is trying to make the vaccine as accessible as possible many are stirring against it. This has created a divide between our countries. While those who have been vaccinated are safe, the virus continues to spread among the unprotected at the same rate as it did during the recent autumn and winter epidemics. Those who are unable to get vaccinated or who do not obtain adequate protection from vaccinations are particularly vulnerable.

      While the vaccinations appeared to be produced in months rather than years, the technology underlying them was the result of several decades of study by some of the world’s most creative minds in science and medicine. The vaccinations immediately proved to be extremely effective and have the potential to genuinely transform medicine beyond this outbreak.

      There are many reasons as to why people aren’t getting vaccinated and some maybe because they don’t trust the government. There have been many conspiracies as to the sickness and the vaccines. Some might question how the vaccine was discovered so fast. Others don’t want to receive it because of the side effects. Although there are side effects they only last for 2 days and many aren’t affected by it. If everyone gets the vaccine the country will be able to overcome Covid-19. However, if enough individuals feel the risks are still too great, the virus may linger for years.

      -Inaz Budhwani

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