Growing Delta Variant Cases

      Growing Delta Variant Cases

      Growing Delta Variant Cases 650 350 kupplinadmin

      COVID-19 cases are starting to climb again in the United States after weeks of significant reductions. This is most likely due to infections caused by the highly transmissible Delta. The sudden increase is especially noticeable in Southern and Western states, as well as low-vaccination-rate areas. Covid-19 infections and hospitalizations are slowly increasing across the United States as the dangerous Delta strain takes root and immunization rates slow from April. According to a Wall Street Journal study of Johns Hopkins statistics, the country has recorded an average of 32,287 new coronavirus infections every day over the previous week. 10 days ago, the seven-day average was more than double.

      ​Some things to know about the new variant is it is the most contagious straint which originally surfaced in India. It is known as the “fasted and fittest” by the World Health Organization. The people most at risk are the ones that haven’t been vaccinated including younger kids that haven’t been able to get vaccinated. The chances will be lowered if you are vaccinated.

      ​Although there isn’t much information on the Delta variant what is most important that people are able to get vaccinated should. This is a fast growing and spreading starin and the vaccine is the best way to protect yourself and the people around you. It is recommended that everyone should wear their masks and stay as safe as possible.

      -Inaz Budhwani

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