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How Can Staffing Agencies Solve Hiring Problems?

How Can Staffing Agencies Solve Hiring Problems? 724 483 kupplinadmin

We understand the difficulties of hiring better than anybody because we are the premier national staffing agency for top-tier, specialist IT, Tech, and Digital Marketing& Healthcare professionals. Based on information from more than 70,000 successful placements, we have recently published special insights into the challenges of filling positions in technology and digital marketing. In this follow-up essay, we discuss the many ways in which a hiring agency (yes, businesses like ours) can assist in resolving the difficult issues you have while filling such roles. I’d like to jump straight into this:

Here are 3 Ways a Staffing Agency Can Help You Find New Employees

1. Employment services perform the screening of potential employees for you.

Hiring managers have to sift through a sea of resumes since so many people are looking for work in the information technology industry. It may take weeks just to review all of the resumes, let alone schedule interviews. Using a staffing agency will save your company’s HR department the trouble and manpower of conducting unnecessary candidate interviews. A challenge in conducting a formal interview is locating candidates who are comfortable doing so and who can talk authoritatively about their prior work experience. Hiring managers have a talent crunch in many areas, but IT/Tech is where it really shows its head, and digital marketing isn’t immune. To avoid this, recruiters will typically hold in-person meetings with prospects to verify their qualifications and assess their confidence in speaking about their prior work experience.

2. They provide you access to skills that can’t be bought on the open market.

Candidates with the kind of experience and education you’re searching for in IT, Tech, or Digital Marketing are probably not actively seeking employment. The low unemployment rates in many industries make it difficult to find qualified individuals through standard methods of advertising and recruiting. Due to the extensive networks staffing agencies have built up over the years of recruiting and building personal contacts, they are often able to gain access to this otherwise difficult-to-find talent.

3. The technologies and tools used in IT, Tech, and Digital Marketing roles aren’t foreign to recruiters since they know how to put them to use.

Hiring for a position in digital marketing, technology, or information technology requires an understanding of the technologies, tools, and apps that candidates will be expected to utilize in their daily work. When companies rely on internal recruiters and HR to determine which applicants are worthy of further consideration, the company is often left with workers who lack the necessary expertise to evaluate applicants’ claims about their familiarity with and aptitude for particular technologies. Instead, hiring companies to rely on Tech Recruiters who are fluent in the more than 180 programming languages, platforms, and technologies that candidates for these roles will be expected to know. Because of this, they have a more thorough grasp of the job’s day-to-day functions and can more accurately pinpoint individuals who stand the best possibility of being successful in the position.


The process of hiring doesn’t have to be terrifying. No need to worry about wasting business funds either. If you’re having trouble filling positions in IT, IT, or digital marketing, a reputable staffing firm can help. Because of the cutting-edge tools they employ and the niche markets they serve, staffing firms are increasingly being seen as the industry’s wave of the future.

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