How to Recalibrate Your Recruitment Radar

      How to Recalibrate Your Recruitment Radar

      How to Recalibrate Your Recruitment Radar 612 389 kupplinadmin

      In today’s competitive job market, it’s no longer enough to share an update with your colleagues simply. When it suddenly requires a procedure. When faced with an increase in administrative costs, many expanding businesses turn to external recruiters. There is a price. Therefore, we’ve worked tirelessly to complete Workable Referrals, our most recent product release.

      Finally, here it is!

      A new employee referral program called Workable Referrals aims to reintroduce its value to the workplace. As a result, it transforms your entire workforce into an advertising machine. Of course, it also handles all of the administrative tasks. And it’s a thing of beauty, too.

      The first step is to make it as simple as possible.

      Employees who stay longer and perform better are more likely to come from those you’ve already hired. But they’re not paying attention to it. Because they aren’t recruiters doing their job is all that matters to them.

      Make it simple

      So, with Workable Referrals, all you have to do is share a link to the platform, and you’re done. To use the portal, you do not need access to your company’s Workable recruiting software. Using only a work email address eliminates the need for additional logins. Because everything is tracked and recorded through the portal, no separate administrator is required. It’s easy to keep track of new positions, too.

      Additionally, you have the option of making changes. For example, a weekly or daily digest can be sent to employees, or they can opt for immediate notification. Instead of receiving emails, they can choose to bookmark the link and check in at their leisure.

      The best-case scenario is that they have someone specific in mind. But, then, just a few mouse clicks are required. As simple as sending a link to a resume, email address, or social media profile, making a referral is a breeze.

      Show a commitment to the cause.

      Referrals are frequently influenced by the degree of trust that the individuals involved have in one another. Whether a friend or a business associate, you want to make sure they had a positive experience. When it comes to large-scale projects, an ad-hoc approach isn’t practical. Actions are missed in the absence of a system, and talent is snatched away. As a result, the company’s reputation (and your referrer’s) is put at risk. As a result, referrals have dried up.

      With Workable Referrals, you show commitment, remove uncertainty and eliminate demotivating blind spots for your employees. How to…

      The use of standard questions ensures context, streamlines the process and provides the legitimacy of the questioning process.

      The following steps will be assigned and tracked automatically.

      Workers are kept up-to-date with their referrals’ progress via automated updates.

      As a result, the rewards offered are clearly defined and visible, with a real-time and accurate summary of each referrer’s bonuses.

      Additional features for HR and hiring managers are also available:

      Using comprehensive reporting functionality that syncs with hiring pipelines, filter internal applicants and referrals to prioritize, define reward type, quantity, and value, upload or link to a rewards policy, and track internal and external applicants.

      Bring on the gaming!

      Who better to promote your company’s image than your workers? With Workable Referrals, it’s simple for your employees to post job listings on their social media accounts. In addition to enhancing your brand’s visibility, this tactic introduces a subtle element of gaming, which most of us (if we’re being honest) find difficult to resist.

      And if it works out, you can let them pick their reward at the end of the process.

      Regardless of whether you make a hire, you’ve still involved your employees in the process and met a slew of high-quality prospects you might not have otherwise met.

      Don’t Be Afraid To Put Money Into It

      Most agencies charge 20% of a new hire’s salary for the first year. As your hiring volume increases and your average salary increases, you can save thousands of dollars per year by switching to referrals instead of using recruiters.

      To use Workable Referrals, you must purchase an add-on. Because we know that not all of our customers will require it, we have made it an optional extra. If you aren’t hiring quickly and are comfortable managing your referrals, that’s great. Every Workable plan comes with a complete and free toolkit. You might as well check it out to make the most of your expanding employee pool’s recruiting power. One of the best investments you’ll ever make could be as simple as this:

      Take A Look Within Yourself

      The cost of hiring from outside is 1.7 times greater than promoting from within. Therefore, it is essential to hold onto a good person once you’ve found one.

      When creating Workable Referrals, we were faced with the question, “Why make it an internal job portal?” What’s the answer? Moreover, it’s a natural fit because it provides employees with an incentive to log on. When businesses grow, they have to spend more time and money promoting their products and services.

      Why limit your company’s interface to external candidates when it has so many opportunities? Using Workable Referrals, your employees can view all open positions, make a referral, or secure a position for themselves. Which, of course, is the right thing to do.

      Your employees will be able to see what’s going on in their network after you’ve shared the link. They can see how many views their connection has had, watch the referrals come in, control and comment on who they move forward with, and track progress.

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