Is pathology a good career

Is Pathology a Good Career?

Is Pathology a Good Career? 626 417 kupplinadmin

If you believe in a healthy, happy world, where diseases are diagnosed correctly and on time, then pathology is for you.

The daily tasks of a pathologist include performing autopsies and studying microscopic samples to determine the presence, nature, and extent of diseases or medical conditions. These professionals spend the majority of their time working in laboratory settings, although they collaborate with surgeons and other physicians on patient care.

They write pathology reports which summarize their analyses of samples and resulting conclusions and may attend conferences or professional meetings and read scholarly articles in order to remain informed of changes and developments in the field of pathology. A doctoral or professional degree is required for this occupation.

Many people opt for the clinical side where they have to deal directly with patients. On the non-clinical side, “all the reports or diagnostic services to the clinician come from the pathologist. Without their diagnosis, correct treatment will not be possible,” says Dr. Chandna, Director, quality and laboratory services, and blood bank, Asian Institute of Medical Sciences.

Pathology is one of the most critical areas of medical science since 70 percent of treatment decisions are based on lab tests. This statistic alone proves the importance of a pathologist in a patient’s life.

There are two main branches of pathology in medical science — anatomical pathology and clinical pathology, and smaller branches such as forensic pathology, veterinary pathology, plant pathology, molecular pathology, surgical pathology, hematopathology, etc. Those wanting to work in this field can become specialists in one of the aforementioned branches. “But they have to remember that a lot of hard work goes in perfecting the skills in a laboratory.

Pathologists also need to regularly upgrade their learning to keep abreast of the developments in the field of medicine,” says Dr. Manchanda.

A Pathologist earns a salary somewhere between 144000 to 216000 based on experience and education levels. Pathologists get an average wage of One Hundred Eighty-Seven Thousand Four Hundred dollars on a yearly basis.

Pathologists have the highest pay levels in Minnesota, where they receive wages of close to $218180. Employees in this career can obtain the highest compensation in Finance and Insurance, where they can get compensation, on average, of $207270.

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