The Great Mandate

      The Great Mandate

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      People have been arguing whether or not masks should be mandated or the vaccine itself should be. Recently, New York City officials announced that proof of the COVID-19 vaccine would be required to enter certain indoor businesses. This could range from all restaurants to the gyms we work out at. It wasn’t expected that everyone would take to this mandate immediately, but it is clear some people are having an issue with this concept.

      So should we ignore the fact that people will most definitely be upset when a mandate like this is released or acknowledge the benefits that would come from being more protected? New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio, stated that receiving a vaccination leads to citizens “living a good and full and healthy life” while others believe mandating a vaccine encroaches upon their rights. Finding that balance between both groups has been a struggle since the vaccine was first released.

      With the rising number of cases due to the Delta variant, many cities are looking into more drastic measures to protect their citizens. Most hospitalized patients are unvaccinated individuals or those who have been inoculated but have immunocompromised systems. The former can avoid such complications if they receive the vaccine as it greatly reduces the effects and is beneficial overall while the latter is simply the cause of greater transmission rates and could be ultimately avoided in many cases if more citizens were vaccinated.

      The best way to be a functioning and contributing part of society is to get vaccinated. Though I can’t tell you exactly what is inside of it (besides that it is mRNA that will teach our body how to fight the virus), I would rather have it and be in a safer and more free position than resisting and continuing to put others at risk as a result. For those who don’t wish to get vaccinated, staying at home is your best bet.

      – Azaan Moledina

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