Time To Take The Mask Off

      Time To Take The Mask Off?

      Time To Take The Mask Off? 626 417 kupplinadmin

      With COVID mandates and restrictions being lifted, many people are rejoicing at the lack of need to wear a mask in many situations. Whenever a mandate is passed to ease restrictions, there is sure to be a crowd of people going out to celebrate. But some people have grown an affinity for wearing masks and might continue to do so. Staying as safe and healthy as possible is a respectable reason for wanting to stay masked up.

      If you actively wear face coverings and keep your hands as clean as possible, you might have noticed a lack of colds or the flu contracted this year. Many people see the benefits of social distancing and trying to remain as cleanly as possible going past COVID and see the benefits overall. If anything, it provides some peace of mind as there is at least some layer of protection keeping you as healthy as possible.

      Health benefits aside, many people appreciate the reprieve they find by wearing masks to combat the stifling social expectations faced daily. Being able to hide your expression and choosing when and when not to smile for example are the results of the anonymity that masks can provide which is appealing to a large demographic of people. I personally enjoy being able to mouth the words to my songs with as animated of an expression as I want without the fear of being judged and is a good part of the reason why I still wear masks in every situation despite receiving both vaccinations.

      People appreciate the ability to absorb the environment in a much more controlled way without worrying about their facial expressions and can add a layer of security for many. Wearing a mask also isn’t just for yourself. There are many people who haven’t been as fortunate to get the vaccine and are still at risk. Wearing a mask helps to keep them safe and also shows solidarity as a result. The way to beat this pandemic started off with a group approach and should end with it. Plus, when was the last time you smelled someone’s bad breath with a mask on? Enough said.

      -Azaan Moledina

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