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Verifying Employment for an Independent Contractor

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Independent contractors are a possible pool of applicants to explore during the employment process. Another option is to recruit someone on a contract basis rather than keeping them on staff. Verifying a candidate’s work history may seem difficult if their only relevant experience was gained in the capacity of an independent contractor. It’s important to verify an applicant’s identity before moving further with the recruiting process, but thankfully, there are straightforward ways to do so accurately.

Who Is An Independent Contractor And What Do They Do?

An independent contractor, often shortened to “freelancer,” is a self-employed person who works on a project-by-project basis to deliver goods or services. Being a free agent comes with its share of benefits and drawbacks. Possible benefits include a less rigid work schedule and the freedom to make as much money as they want. Because they are not an employee, individuals are responsible for their own social security and Medicare contributions. They are also ineligible for company-provided health insurance and retirement plan.

Employment Verification

Checking a candidate’s employment history against their resume. This will allow you to verify that they have the relevant work experience for the position you are filling. It will also illuminate cases when information on a resume has been inflated, exaggerated, or invented.

Employer Verification for a Freelancer Can Be a Time-Consuming and Expensive Process

Verifying a candidate’s employment history requires reaching out to each and every listed employer on their résumé, or in this case, every company that has ever hired them to perform a contracted service. The vast majority of these companies already use or recommend using outside resources. Due to the need for a 1099 form for any contractual employment paying more than $599 from a single organization, an independent contractor may be able to verify their work history through their income. Spending time and money to gather this data on your own is not a good use of resources that may be put to better use in the business.

Include Applya in Your Pre-Employment Screening Process

Using applya’s prequalified vendor marketplace to do a background check on a potential independent contractor is the most efficient method. Background check services, such as job verification for freelancers, are only one of the many that can be accessed through this centralized platform and business model. As an added perk, our services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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