Why Kids Aren't Getting Vaccinated

Why Kids Aren’t Getting Vaccinated

Why Kids Aren’t Getting Vaccinated 681 461 kupplinadmin

While most people can get vaccinated from COVID there is one group of people that hasn’t been able to get the go yet. The Pfizer vaccine is still only recommended for anyone aged 16 and over, while the Moderna vaccination is exclusively for adults. Both are currently being tested in younger age groups, with findings due this summer. Children aren’t the priority for this vaccine because they aren’t as affected by COVID as much as adults are. According to research, children’s immune systems have a distinct immunological response to viral exposure, which might mean that their immune systems are able to destroy the virus faster and so prevent it from reproducing.

Although kids are more resilient to the virus there are many reasons why they haven’t been focusing on children. One there are frequently additional levels of protection to go through when youngsters are engaged in clinical studies. For example, in most trials or studies, both the kid and both parents must consent to participate. In addition, because children are still growing and developing, there is a considerably larger range of stages and ages with them. All of this must be considered while developing a vaccination, as children of different ages will likely react differently.

It is important to remember to observe the safety procedures we’ve all become accustomed to till children are vaccinated. Wearing face masks, cleaning hands, avoiding crowds, and keeping physical separation from others.

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