Why Sweat Is Our Superpower

      Why Sweat Is Our Superpower?

      Why Sweat Is Our Superpower? 1024 683 kupplinadmin

      It’s interesting how our body operates to keep us healthy. One way is sweating. Sweating might not be ideal, but we all produce sweat some more than others. I’m sure at some point in our lives we’ve heard that sweating is good. The reason we sweat is that our body is regulating itself. It’s a way for it to cool itself while we are overheating. It’s our own air conditioning when our body senses that our body temperature is increasing. 

      This is a human superpower because we can adapt to different environments easily. Although we don’t put much thought into sweating there’s so much science behind it and it makes us advantageous in nature. The average human has 2 million to 5 million sweat glands, but they aren’t activated until the early years in life. In addition, a person’s sweat can tell you a lot about a person. We can be able to tell if someone is drinking alcohol or has cancer, all sorts of personal information are being left behind in the drips we leave on our yoga mats, as well as literally on everything we touch.

      Athletes in specific are masters at this. They aim to practice in very similar conditions as they prepare for the Olympics in a hot area so that their bodies learn to cool down efficiently in that sort of climate. It is important for them to train their body for it to best work for them in certain situations. Lastly, sweat isn’t gross, it’s just your body’s doing its job.

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