SOAL Technologies is very excited to announce the acquisition of Kupplin.

      At SOAL Technologies, our success is built on delivering our best. We always strive to exceed expectations and are delighted to welcome Kupplin into the SOAL family. We want to continue to better serve our clients and candidates around the world and believe this acquisition is in line with our core values and mission!

      Kupplin arose because like-minded people decided that someone should tackle problems in healthcare starting with the fact that the IT companies in the industry don’t share ideas and if you don’t share yours, how can you improve?

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      We decided to be different. Our motto is “Tomorrow’s Health Care Comes Together” which means we are committed to opening up the healthcare environment and encouraging data sharing. It also means that we are in this with our customers. We will not abandon you if something goes wrong and we will be there to celebrate your success. In short, we’re here to help build a community of people who are just as dedicated to improving healthcare as we are. It may sound a little crazy, but all great ideas start out a little crazy at first.

      Who does Kupplin work with? We provide a diverse range of IT resources for healthcare systems – large and small, as well as for healthcare adjacent industries such as health management organizations, ACOs, physician solutions and pharmaceuticals, to name a few.