Best Medical Staffing Software in 2023

Best Medical Staffing Software in 2023

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The term “medical staffing software” refers to a suite of applications that helps the healthcare industry streamline its operations, improve the applicant experience, and stay in compliance with regulatory standards. These products provide a number of useful features, such as those for managing data, finding new employees, and organizing schedules.

The Importance of Medical Staffing Software

Agencies that provide temporary and permanent placements of healthcare workers are always looking for competent and experienced medical experts to fill a variety of schedules and assignments.

Staffing requirements in the healthcare sector are very dynamic, due to the dynamic nature of patient needs and population growth. The quick spread of the COVID virus has increased the need for medical professionals in designated hospitals and clinics to levels never seen before. Professionals such as doctors, PAs, nurses, hospital administrators, and others are included in this group.

Staffing can be especially challenging in the healthcare industry due to the need for workers around the clock and across shifts. Paper-based staff scheduling is already difficult, and shift changes only add to the chaos.

For all of your scheduling and staffing needs in the medical field, these are the 5 top options to consider.


You can streamline the entire candidate-to-billing process with BlueSky’s medical staffing solution. Both process automation and regulatory conformity are provided by this piece of software.

Some of BlueSky’s most important characteristics are outlined here.

Background checks, job postings, application processing, resume searches, interview scheduling, and candidate monitoring are all part of an applicant tracking system.

Self-service access for vendors, together with audit trails, compliance monitoring, performance indicators, sourcing controls, transaction records, and automatic payments.

Budget projections, contractor administration, employee lifecycle management, staff scheduling, labor projections, performance metrics, recruitment administration, skill monitoring, and time and attendance management are just some of the elements of workforce management.


Appointments can be made and managed with Veribook, an online service. It’s a convenient way for local businesses to let clients know when they’re available for appointments and to accept and schedule those appointments online.

Veribook’s user-friendly tools may help small businesses cut costs and boost efficiency, all while enhancing their level of service to customers.

The appointment scheduling system allows for online booking, appointment reminders, calendar synchronization, group scheduling, multi-location, online payments, hotel booking management, automatic scheduling, and recurring appointments.

Automated scheduling, reporting/analytics, and calendar sharing are just a few of the employee scheduling tools available.

Appointment scheduling, no-show monitoring, recurrent appointments, doctor management, and a patient self-service portal are just few of the functions included in medical scheduling software.

Group scheduling, facility scheduling, resource scheduling, and alerts/notifications are some of the other capabilities.

In addition to a free trial, Veribook has a number of premium plans, the cheapest of which is $15 per month.


Bullhorn is a SaaS application that streamlines and improves the entire hiring and onboarding process for enterprises. Erecruit, developed by Bullhorn, is an enterprise-level solution for recruiting and hiring that is popular among major businesses. It has modules for handling customers, employees, and suppliers.

Erecruitis a medical staffing application developed by Bullhorn

Assessments, applicant tracking, candidate scheduling, interview scheduling, resume parsing, resume search, background checking, onboarding, and staffing agencies are all components of an effective applicant tracking system.

Assessments, a customer relationship management system, onboarding, background checks, interview scheduling, job postings, and a self-service portal are all components of a modern recruitment strategy.

Billing, invoicing, applicant administration, job posting, job requisition, payroll management, customer relationship management, and a self-service portal are all elements that should be available to staffing agencies.

The trial version of Erecruit is available without charge. Ask the service provider for the cost of Erecruit.


The AkkenCloud logoAkkenCloud is a cloud-based healthcare staffing and recruiting solution that streamlines recruitment and onboarding. The result is better productivity, more successful placements, and more money in your pocket.

In this section, we will go through the fundamental capabilities of AkkenCloud.

Billing and invoicing, candidate administration, job posting, job requisition, onboarding, payroll management, a self-service portal, and customer relationship management are all functions common to staffing agencies.

Searchable resume database, tests, applicant tracking, interview scheduling, onboarding, and a self-service portal are all part of a modern applicant tracking system’s feature set.

The recruiting process can be simplified with the help of tools like automated resume parsing, assessment centers, self-service portals, interaction tracking, interview management, job postings, and recruiting agencies.

Using data and reports to expand a company.

When it comes to temporary staffing companies, NextCrew is the go-to Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. It offers flexible employment options on demand to improve organizational processes like time tracking and employee communication. Through automation and creativity, it helps lower the cost of human resources.


Among the functions of workforce management are those of employee lifecycle management and recruiting management.

Advantages of using a staffing agency include candidate management, onboarding, temporary staffing, job procurement, and a self-service portal.


According to the results, 42% of healthcare employers cite skills evaluation testing and management as their biggest staffing difficulty. Engaging candidates, ensuring that credentials are authentic, keeping track of time and money, organizing shifts, etc., all present additional difficulties.

As a result, automated medical staffing solutions are urgently needed to address the aforementioned problems. Further streamlining can be achieved if medical staffing solutions also include employee scheduling.

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