Healthcare Management & Strategic Services

      Finding the right solution begins with listening. We take the time to
      listen to you…really get to know you, your unique challenges, and the way you like to get things done.

      Kupplin provides services to physician practices, hospitals, urgent cares and lone standing ERs.

      Project Management (PM) Services

      Kupplin’s leaders come from project management (PM) backgrounds, so at the end of the day, everything we do is PM-related. Our flexible, personable project managers will run your project from beginning to end and work closely with you to ensure the solution meets your business needs. Our skills are rooted in deep PM methodology, but we focus as much attention on engaging people, as we do the science of managing a project.

      What we offer is the best of both worlds.

      • Budgeting and cost cutting
      • Planning (end to end)
      • Risk & issue management
      • Project leadership
      • Project systems and structures

      PQRS Reporting

      • Eligibility determination
      • Group vs Individual methods for reporting
      • Method selection for reporting (Data Registry, Claims, EHR)
      • Measure selection (1 measure group or 9 individual measures)
      • Report tracking
      • IACS Registration
      • Report Verification

      Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

      At Kupplin, we want to create a balance between the services provided and overall cost to the practice by building a successful partnership. We offer varying levels of services up to full revenue cycle outsourcing based on the resource needed by the clients. This allows us to offer a model that adjusts based on the level of service sought by our clients. We complement the needs of the client and do not assume that one model fits all situations. In doing so, we have models that fit all segments of the revenue cycle and offer them as individual services if this fits your needs better.
      Kupplin spans from providing its services to start ups, and helping them build from the ground up, to growing well established practices, whether they be solo or multidisciplinary specialties.

      Our team has a breadth of experience crossing nearly all EHRs, healthcare and core IT staffing needs. Organizational resource needs are widely variable and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality resources that meet the need, no matter what the ask.
      Simple? Maybe. Effective? Definitely.

      • Epic Clinical Applications, Revenue Cycle, Access, Integration
      • Cerner Millenium
      • AllScripts
      • Siemens Soarian
      • Healthcare IT (non-EHR)
      • Infrastructure Architects
      • Project Management
      • UI/UX/BI Developers
      • ERPs (Lawson/Infor, PeopleSoft)
      • Software Engineers (non-EHR)