For our healthcare solutions experts to best match your skills with our current job opportunities, it is essential to have your resume during the application. Our client companies depend on us to find the right people for their business, and we carefully match your job skills and preferences to their needs.

The positions offered at Kupplin WorldWide are both temporary and temporary-to-hire.

The available positions offered at Kupplin WorldWide are both part- and full-time. Our recruiters will give you all the details about the position.

No. Kupplin WorldWide does not charge our employees any fees for assistance in job placement.

No, most screening and paperwork can be done over emails, phone, and video calls. But we will ask you to come in before your first in-person interview with our clients.

Kupplin WorldWide frequently has open houses/job fairs during the month. Just call our office in Austin to schedule an appointment.

Also, the Kupplin recruiter you’re in touch with can also schedule an appointment for you if you wish to come in.
Long Beach, CA: 425-654-1478

Interested candidates can call and/or the office for an appointment
Long Beach, CA: 425-654-1478

Kupplin WorldWide is looking for top-quality applicants for our clients. Again, Kupplin, the best healthcare management staffing agency, seeks employees with marketable skills, related job experience, good tenure and a positive attitude. Thus, the minimal level of related experience may be anywhere from six months to several years, depending on the position.

Applicants must bring a copy of their updated resume, two forms of identification (e.g., driver’s license, social security card, birth certificate, and passport), and a smile to their appointment.

Yes. It is suggested that applicants are professionally dressed. An applicant’s presentation and demeanor are considered when screening for our clients. As a helpful tip, it is always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed.

During your appointment, you will have a one-on-one interview with one of our staffing professionals, take assessment evaluations (i.e., typing, data entry, basic office skills, software), and discuss Kupplin WorldWide’s available employment opportunities and policies. It would help if you planned your appointment for up to two hours.

It may take a few days or weeks, depending on your skill level, experience, and personal criteria. Kupplin Physicians recruiting is constantly receiving employment orders from our clients, and we are attempting to fill the requisitions as soon as possible. Often, applicants have been offered positions the same week.

Kupplin Worldwide has offices in California: 4047 Long Beach Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90807.

Kupplin WorldWide is open Monday through Friday from 7:30AM to 5:30PM (CST).

It is suggested that employees check-in with Kupplin WorldWide once a week either via phone or via email.

Often, when an employee has not heard from Kupplin WorldWide in a while, it is due to 1) the employee’s file has been deactivated since we have not had any recent contact, or 2) the type of position(s) an employee is interested in may not be available at that time. Again, it is recommended that the employee communicate regularly with Kupplin WorldWide and check in once a week via email orne.

Please call the main number for the specific location you are registered with, leave a detailed message, and a number where you may be reached. Messages are checked regularly and we open our offices at 7:30AM and close at 5:30PM. In the event of poor weather conditions or any other local emergency, instructions will be left on the office voicemail on how to contact us.

An employee may submit their time via the email or in person, by dropping off their documents at the Kupplin – Long Beach office. The available options are direct deposit or a Pay Card.

If you are running late, please advise Kupplin WorldWide Healthcare Solutions and HR immediately so we may assist you (e.g., lost, incorrect address) and advise the client.

Suppose an employee within physical therapy staffing agencies chooses not to attend an assignment. In that case, they are subject to being deactivated and will likely not be contacted for future employment opportunities. Kupplin WorldWide understands emergencies or any unforeseen circumstances may occur. Please advise Kupplin WorldWide as soon as possible so we may assist you and the client.

If an employee is unhappy with an assignment for any reason or prefers to focus on different employment opportunities, please advise Kupplin WorldWide; we will do our best to accommodate an employee’s request. A two-day notice is required should you be leaving your assignment.

W2’s are mailed by the last day of January.

If your address changes during the year, contact Kupplin’s HR team, who will assist you.

It’s on a case-by-case basis. Each client of ours has different policies, so we adhere to those. But of course, we want you to have a secure job that you love so we can work with you to help in any way we can.

Active positions are posted daily on our Kupplin job board.

One of our Senior nurse staffing solutions experts will contact you. In that conversation, they will go through your work history with you, and you will be asked questions related to that. Another in-depth phone screening might be scheduled or conducted during that same phone call. If the Recruiter feels confident that you are well suited for this role (technically and culturally), they will forward/submit your resume and details to our client.
Next, we wait for feedback, which can take 3-10 days.
Depending on the feedback received, you will be scheduled for rounds of interviews with our end client.