Healthcare & Medical Career: Expectations VS Reality

Healthcare & Medical Career: Expectations VS Reality

Healthcare & Medical Career: Expectations VS Reality 626 417 kupplinadmin

There’s no doubt that working in a healthcare environment is tough, demanding but also rewarding. It’s often portrayed as a vocation where you care for patients who are friendly and thankful, and healthcare professionals come together in a supportive environment.

While this is not entirely untrue, there is often quite a lot more to it as most experienced nurses will tell you. There’s no doubt that many young people go into the healthcare profession with rose-tinted glasses. What were your expectations when you first started in your role?

Here are a few examples of what to expect from a career in healthcare and how it compares to reality.

  • Training Will Never Truly Prepare You

No matter how much training or experience you have, you can never completely be prepared for every situation that a career in healthcare will present to you.

The old cliché that each day is different really does apply here. While every day is totally unpredictable, this is also something that makes the profession worthwhile and exciting. Prepare for tough days as well as great ones!

  • Nursing is not easy

It takes a lot physically and mentally. It’s an emotional job where it’s hard to detach your emotions from the reality of what you’re dealing with. And your patients will not always survive. Sometimes, unfortunately, they do pass away and you have to sort of care for the family members, you have to handle that bad news.

  • Your Shift Will Seldom Run on Time

Nursing or any other medical profession is definitely not a 9 to 5 profession. While many modern care establishments are a lot better at managing the time of their employees than they used to be, the nature of the profession naturally means you will need to be totally flexible.

Staff shortages, unexpected events, and having to complete mounting paperwork can all combine to ensure that you will probably rarely finish your shift on time!

  • Checking patient details is crucial

There can be many instances where you will be asked to visit a patient’s house for the treatment. You can easily mistake two different profiles for one another. Check their medical history, previous treatments, and most importantly, their personal details.

  • You Don’t Always Get A Break

There are many factors that can creep into the nursing day that can mean it isn’t always possible to take your whole break or take your beak at all. Normally, the first thing that may be sacrificed is your coffee or tea break.

This is something that many experienced nurses accept but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look to take a break to clear your mind and recharge your batteries when you can. Being overtired and overworked can, of course, lead to mistakes as well as burnout.

  • Managing your expectations

Your nursing expectations are that you are going to be alert and bright and remember everything, and you’re going to be so knowledgeable and you’re going to do this because you’re going to save lives, because you’re enthusiastic and positive and that’s all it matters, it’s amazing.

Despite these factors, healthcare is an incredibly rewarding profession with a lot to offer. The roles do come with plenty of challenges, however, and you should have a realistic understanding of what these are.

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