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How Temp Staffing and Contract Staffing Benefit Businesses?

How Temp Staffing and Contract Staffing Benefit Businesses? 900 350 kupplinadmin

Businesses in the United States increasingly rely on temporary workers. The Associated Press estimates that almost 17 million Americans have temporary, contract, consulting, freelance, seasonal, or intern positions at businesses. Even though the number of temporary workers increased during the last recession due to the uncertainty it caused, their adaptability has kept them at the forefront of staffing solutions ever since.

Temporary workers, contract workers, temps, or whatever you choose to call them, provide several advantages to small business owners.

  • A low-cost option for covering workers temporarily absent due to leaves of absence such as those for births and other family members, medical reasons, or extended vacations and work breaks. Temporary workers may request more or lesser pay, depending on the task’s nature. However, they typically do not receive the same “soft” benefits as regular employees, such as company-paid health insurance. (Sometimes, temp workers with several years of service are eligible for benefits.)
  • Capability to adapt staffing levels to fluctuating workloads and workload fluctuations. Hiring temporary workers is a cost-effective solution since they allow you to keep your regular staff members busy enough to get their work done but not so alive that they become unproductive.
  • Possibility of “test driving” prospective employees. Some businesses use so-called temp-to-hire employees for a trial period during which their talents and character can be evaluated.
  • Temporary workers are hired permanently. Temp agencies often impose an additional fee. However, for some businesses, this assessment is preferable to the risk of making a bad hire.
  • It would help if you considered the possibility that your organization lacks experience and skills. Today, businesses can quickly fill temporary positions for IT support, creative tasks, and even leadership positions with temporary hires.
  • If the hiring firm invests time and effort into training and screening people, it will bring a high skill level. The right employee can also be found outside of agencies. For example, highly skilled retirees may hunt for temporary work.
  • There is no magic bullet in the form of temporary employees. Having a stable staff can be the best option in certain situations. Temporary workers may not be as dedicated as your permanent staff and may need more time to learn the ropes.


Legal issues may also arise with contract workers. For instance, no employer is allowed to mistreat its employees, and all businesses must ensure that their facilities are risk-free for employees. Temporary workers can fill in the gaps temporarily for the right firm at the right moment.

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