Nursing Always Present and Always Changing

Nursing: Always Present and Always Changing

Nursing: Always Present and Always Changing 612 408 kupplinadmin

Technology is an ever-present facet of society that continues to aid in our advancement regardless of the field. Specifically for nursing, there have been recent innovations that have the potential to restructure the healthcare landscape and ease the pressure that many nurses feel.

Advances such as the EchoNous Vein which provides an immediate image of veins can ease the process for medical practitioners and allow the patient to feel more confident in the care they receive as it reduces the chances of a failed IV insertion. There are now chip monitors as created by the company Admetsys that constantly measure blood glucose levels and can control the amount of insulin or glucose administered through the drip connected to the patient. This eliminates the need for nurses to do the test and saves their valuable time to be used elsewhere. Even the process of monitoring patients has changed slightly through the introduction of the AvaSys TeleSitter video-observation system to aid patient safety and decrease staffing costs. The system allows multiple patients to be remotely monitored and kept in constant contact with a medical staffer for maximum care. This system is unique as it doesn’t require nurses to watch their patients 1:1 and allows them to remain working on the floor.

The medical field is growing with creative uses of new technology and medical practices that benefit both the patients and the providers. It’s exciting to see the possibilities of better healthcare treatment as different implementations of technology are becoming more and more frequent and positively changing the field itself.

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