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Work From Home Healthcare Jobs | Remote Medical Jobs

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Since you have already heard of this term and trend, there are many reasons why work from home is becoming popular for the last few years.

Technology has allowed for more industries to offer to telecommute positions without any loss of accuracy or production. That includes the medical industry.

Also, due to the latest pandemic, the COVID-19, that the world is going through, a maximum number of industries have directed their staff and other employees to work from home.

During the Coronavirus lockdown, many health staff have come out to support people. And that has led the world forward.

Home-based Healthcare Jobs

Here are the following home-based healthcare jobs that you should opt for-

  1. Telephone Triage Nurse – This is a job that requires you to answer enquiry calls for general questions about treatment or equipment or assess the urgency of a medical condition. The usual questions include, what to do if a child is ill, clarification on a treatment plan, or general questions about a prescription.
  2. Case Management – You will evaluate the clinical and psychosocial needs of a patient and help develop a treatment and care plan and answer the patient’s questions. As the main point of contact for the patients, you would have to be able to help your client through their medical process and give them the correct referrals if needed. You would also be required to coordinate with other care providers in order to follow the treatment plan and follow up on results.
  3. Legal nurse consultant – If you are a registered nurse, you can serve as the liaison between the healthcare and legal industry. Most legal professionals are unable to read a medical chart or understand fully a case, so the legal nurse consultants will help bridge the gap of knowledge.
  4. Healthcare recruiter – A healthcare recruiter can manage the health job from home for hiring the right candidates for a company. You will need to scan the profiles, go through their resumes and arrange an in-person interview if qualified.

Other Remote Healthcare Jobs include-

  • Project manager
  • Nurse manager
  • Health IT/Nursing informatics specialist
  • Medical Transcriptionist
  • Medical Writers
  • Pharmacists
  • Legal Nurse Consulting
  • Work-at-Home LPN Jobs

For any work from home job, one needs to apply properly and go through various processes.
Contacting a recruiter would allow you to get the job you desire. Contact us at Kupplin today.

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