The Senate Come To A Compromise

The Senate Come To A Compromise

The Senate Come To A Compromise 626 412 kupplinadmin

2020 has been the year of bobbing and weaving through everything being thrown at us. People have been forced to stay at home for the benefit of society as a whole and this has caused a lot of headaches as a result. But when the hits kept coming, society learned to adapt. Whether it was social distancing protocols or getting curbside delivery, there have been many ways that we have prevailed through the difficulty of this year.

Telehealth has grown exponentially because of COVID and has been proven to be a necessary facet of healthcare. People are able to discuss and even diagnose issues that they are having without the stress and fear of visiting a doctor’s office. A lot of people have anxiety about social situations during the pandemic and this tool in healthcare has been a big step forward for those who can access it.

The Senate recently pushed a healthcare bill in Massachusetts that aims at keeping telehealth options available for patient use even after the pandemic subsides. It would allow more financial freedom for community hospitals and expand the medical workforce. After about five months of deliberation, this bill was the final product that was put together.

Even though it has been approved by the Senate, it must still pass through the House before it can move further. One-third of Massachusetts residents rely on telemedicine and would be benefitted greatly from this change. By mandating that insurance companies must cover telehealth the same as it would in-person services and providing full reimbursement for behavioral health tech services, this bill is a step in the right direction as it highlights the importance of telemedicine which can eventually benefit people nationwide.

To be competitive, telehealth services must meet the costs of in-person charges and prove that it is a viable option for those seeking medical aid. While the entire nation may not have the same coverage immediately, this bill shows which aspects of telehealth must be protected and provides an outline for other states to follow suit if needed.

-Azaan Moledina

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