What is The Highest Paying Job in Pharmacy

What is The Highest Paying Job in Pharmacy?

What is The Highest Paying Job in Pharmacy? 626 417 kupplinadmin

For those interested in medicine who don’t want to invest years of experience before getting a secure job, the pharmacy field offers an appealing solution. According to the 2015 Pharm Science Strategic Outlook, pharmaceutical industry sales are projected to grow 5.1 percent annually in 2020.

The average base salary pharmacists earn remains consistently high across all states, making it a prime choice for those who move often.

What are the best jobs in Pharmacy?

  1. CLINICAL RESEARCH PHYSICIAN – Clinical Research Physicians (CRPs) are MDs who develop and implement plans for ushering experimental drugs through preapproval clinical trials. They work on cross-functional teams to maximize understanding of the pharmacological, regulatory, and clinical dimensions of the drugs being studied.
  2. CLINICAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE – These are the folks who oversee clinical trials. They get involved in designing protocols, enlisting physician investigators, training clinic personnel, and evaluating data. The job can require travel, sometimes as much as 80 percent of the time, but it doesn’t always. CRAs may also manage the services of an independent clinical research organization that runs the actual studies. A BS, BSN, or RN is required.
  3. REGULATORY AFFAIRS ASSOCIATE – The regulatory affairs career path suits job seekers who have a background in science but don’t want to do lab work. Regulatory affairs specialists complete the paperwork required by regulatory agencies worldwide and communicate directly with the agencies to ask questions and resolve issues. Depending on their level of industry experience, they may also set a regulatory strategy for a pharma company. A master’s degree is typically the minimum requirement for entry-level positions.
  4. BIO STATISTICIAN – Statisticians in clinical development prepare analysis plans for clinical studies, design tables and figures that display information clearly, interpret final study data, and write the statistical sections of clinical study reports. As with research scientists, statistician titles frequently include a I, II, or III to indicate levels of education and experience. Entry-level positions require a master’s degree or Ph.D. in statistics or a therapeutic specialty; higher levels require a Ph.D. and several years of industry experience. Biostatisticians ultimately report to the head of a therapeutic division at most companies.
  5. CLINICAL DATA MANAGER – Clinical data managers supervise all aspects of clinical data. They specify how metrics will be collected and assist in standardizing data management procedures for internal operations and external reporting. This position typically requires at least a master’s degree in a relevant area plus several years of industry experience.
  6. MEDICAL SCIENCE LIAISON – Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) are field-based MDs, PhDs, or PharmDs with therapeutic area specialties. They interact with physicians and scientists in health care community-especially those doing prominent academic research-to maximize the acceptance and proper use of company products.

These are the best-paying Jobs in Pharmacy-

Biotechnology Senior Research Scientist –

Biotechnology senior research scientists assess new technologies, their future applications and propose, plan, and manage research projections and report findings. They also participate in research formulating and writing with other staff. These scientists need a varied skill set, including bioinformatics, clinical research, project management, and biotechnology if they want to pay that’s above average.

Median Annual Salary: $98,527 (Approx)

Research Scientist –

Research scientists write grant proposals for external research funding and are responsible for staying on top of developments in their field. For those working in a laboratory, employers are looking for experience with laboratory procedures, computer analysis, and setting up and implementing experiments.

Median Annual Salary: $82,452 (Approx)

Pharmaceutical Field Sales Representative –

Pharmaceutical field sales representatives are responsible for selling an organization’s technical products to a customer base or new prospects and are required to attend special training of products and services so they are better equipped with knowledge on the technical aspects of solutions. These sales reps prepare and maintain records for sales leads and the progress status of accounts.

Median Annual Salary: $71,981 (Approx)

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