60 Days For A Better You!

60 Days For A Better You!

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People across the world have various mental differences that make them need a little extra guidance to stay on track. Some people might have anxiety or depression and others might just feel lethargic. There is an entire spectrum of how you can feel that has a lot of factors that bring it to that point. I like to preach about being proactive instead of being reactive. There are many things to keep in mind to keep you and your body running to the best of their abilities.

Some people could definitely benefit from the use of medicinal aid as there are different levels of severity, but the basic fundamentals start with taking care of yourself. How can one do that? Well, there are multiple facets to focus on. Getting the right nutrition, working out your body, and as well as your mind can keep you on the right track. Humans are often stressed and just don’t know how to mitigate the effects and handle the stress itself.

Personally, exercise is an aspect of life that should remain prominent and consistent. Focusing on things you enjoy such as walking, running, or even gardening to name a few can keep you fit and alert and provide an outlet for the stresses of daily life. Getting a small amount of exercise a day is just like having an engine run every day to make sure it still works perfectly.

Going hand in hand, food and nutrition are also things that must be at the forefront of our minds in our daily lives. How many times have you walked in the grocery store and have looked at the 4 dollar dozen of eggs and wondered why the heck they are 4 times more expensive than the regular kind? I’m not saying you need to buy expensive eggs and be done with it, I’m saying that there are different levels of quality and you should try to put the best quality food in you that you can. There are links to food and depression and the lack of focus on that necessity can create issues for an individual that only compound on itself as time progresses. Getting the right food can help keep you in better spirits just by nutritionally boosting you up.

Getting a good amount of sleep is something every age demographic deals with and isn’t the main focus in a lot of people’s lives. Sleeping well is important to your mental and physical health. Some people have trouble going or staying asleep. Keeping a clean and hygienic sleep environment can promote better resting habits and help quite a bit. Keeping electronics off and not immediately next to you can have a significant impact as we are often tempted to check it and get distracted from our ultimate goal of getting some rest. Having a good sleeping routine can help regulate your sleep hormones and keep you on top of your game.

Finally, the fuel that I think many people don’t think about investing in themselves is pretty simple and common. Talking. Cognitive-behavioral therapies with a professional can help you eliminate negative behaviors and identify which aspects of yourself you want to improve upon. Just talking to someone allows for inside ideas and feelings to be released and this lack of pent-up energy can create a more productive and positive feeling as it can be quite constructive for an individual.

There is always going to be something in life that creates a feeling of stress and has some impact on you. Remembering how all the aspects of life influence a person can help identify which areas need to be focused on and provide a guide on how to maximize your own potential. Remember, medicinal treatment is beneficial to have available, but it all starts with how you treat yourself on a daily basis.

-Azaan Moledina

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